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Le Le PROMO CODE: lele10


PROMO CODE: lele10

I have been an athlete all my life & played collegiate DII Basketball in VT. After finishing college I struggled between finding a balance between working, going to school & maintaining the intense fitness lifestyle I always had. As I approached 40 years old I knew if I wanted to get back into the fitness game it would have to be soon. After transforming my body over a 3 year period through HIIT (weight lifting, intense cardio, and boxing) I had to sort out what I wanted to do with this new package, which is when I found my way into bodybuilding. I am a bikini competitor & won my pro card in the OCB federation November 2018. I plan to do my pro debut later this year or early 2020. It has become a new challenge and passion of mine. It has brought me back to that level of intense training that I so missed along with meeting wonderful people along the way. I am currently also studying to get my personal training certification through NASM so I can work on my longer term goal of owning a holistic gym that incorporates HIIT, strength and conditioning, yoga, and therapy on site (Individual, Family, Couples & Reiki). I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and believe wholeheartedly in the integration of mind, body and spirit. It is so important to maintain optimal levels of each & I want to provide a place that gives people the resources to work on all of those components. I love people & fitness & have been blessed to be a sponsored athlete of a company such as Power Core Strength that believe taking care of yourself, being educated, giving back to the community and putting out a beneficial, safe & effective product!