Josh Ayzenberg PROMO CODE: josh10

ATHLETE: JOSH AYZENBERG PROMO CODE: josh10 I am a Professional volleyball player, Team USA, Played professionally overseas for Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel and Savo Volley in Finland, 2 Time Division 1 All American 2017,2018 – Semi strong and likes to try to throw weight around 😬

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Corey Berger PROMO CODE: rebcore5

ATHLETE: COREY BERGER PROMO CODE: rebcore5 My goal is always to be pushing the limits and to see what I’m truly capable of achieving. This requires relentless work in and out of the gym. It wasn’t until after competing at the Crossfit Games that I realized I had some major holes to fill if I[…]

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Le Le PROMO CODE: lele10

ATHLETE: LeLe PROMO CODE: lele10 I have been an athlete all my life & played collegiate DII Basketball in VT. After finishing college I struggled between finding a balance between working, going to school & maintaining the intense fitness lifestyle I always had. As I approached 40 years old I knew if I wanted to[…]

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ATHLETE: KATIE CHRISTIAN PROMO CODE: KTC10 I was a D1A collegiate competitive cheerleader that transitioned into CrossFit full time in 2016. I train because it’s my medicine. It empowers me, pushes me to my limits, and gives me strength and confidence both inside and outside of the gym. Power Core Strength supports me in every[…]

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Buster Camp PROMO CODE: Buster10

ATHLETE: BUSTER CAMP PROMO CODE: Buster10 I am a WNBF/INBF PRO bodybuilder. I am 5’8, 195 lbs solid weight, 183 lbs stage weight. I am full time personal trainer, 5 years of experience. AAAI/ISMA certified, currently working at the YMCA. Working on my business called “I NEED A BREAKTHRU” OR BREAKTHRU FITNESS and with the[…]

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Smash PROMO CODE: Smash10

ATHLETE: SMASH PROMO CODE: Smash10 Growing up I struggled greatly with my weight and eating habits. After high school I tried to get into a gym and would see some results, but would quickly lose them as my eating habits were still poor. When I was 20 i was tired of all the short fixes[…]

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