Dana and Todd Krystopher have always believed that the key to a successful day is to rise early and start with a powerful workout. Training together and pushing one is a common ground for this dynamic couple, who met in high school. Todd, a natural athlete, and former US marine and Dana, a former gymnast, train infinitely along with working full time. Married 7 years, this couple lives by a specific motto, “Take care of yourself and you will be better for everyone and everything else.” Like most people, Dana and Todd felt the pull of their demanding work schedules. Dana, a fitness coach, begins her day at 5:00am, training back to back clients, while Todd, a longshoreman, is out to sea a few nights a week. Before long, the couple found themselves in a “routine rut”, getting to the gym for their intense workouts, working full time professionally, but still not feeling fully energized. Burning calories has never been a problem for the Krystopher’s, yet keeping the calories IN became a challenge, often feeling as though they weren’t retaining enough muscle aesthetically and achieving the full potential of their strength goals. They soon realized their daily regimen was missing a crucial component —THE RIGHT FUEL. Grabbing whatever was in front of them to eat on the go and then crashing afterwards was no longer an option. Poor protein shakes that left them with that “clear the room kind of stomach pain” had to be eliminated as well.

In fact, as Dana and Todd tried various protein shakes, they all seemed to have the same effect on them —poor taste, bloating and discomfort. In their quest to add more protein to their diet while on the go, they were determined to find out why so many protein supplements were difficult to digest and just plain unappetizing. As consumers, they wanted to know what made certain proteins better than others. As athletes, they were compelled to find the right protein source with the three most important components – taste, good consistency, and ingredients. After months of researching different protein sources, they discovered a common thread in many of the most popular selling brands. Massive amounts of probiotics and aminos were added with concentrates, sweeteners, and artificial flavorings. The duo felt there must be something else out there for people who yearned for a pure protein source that actually works, tastes great and feels right. And just like that, their epiphany began. Dana and Todd began formulating their very own protein source, P. C. S.

Power Core Strength, P.C.S. are the newest, most innovative supplement products to hit the fitness market. The Krystopher’s understand that more ingredients does not always mean better ingredients or a better product. Hence, they’ve honed their products to consist of just the opposite, LESS ingredients, so their supplements can be enjoyed in the purest form possible. Good taste, easy on your stomach, no crash and burn syndrome! It’s that simple. The best part—P.C.S. products were designed to adhere to the needs of the busy person’s lifestyle. Just throw your jar of any P.C.S. supplement into your bag with a bottle of water and go. When you’re ready for a dose of protein, a meal replacement or just a recharge, simply mix together with water and enjoy. No mess, no prepping, and no more resorting to poor food choices or sugary shakes. Dana and Todd know supplementing correctly, coupled with eating real, whole foods is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, and the gateway to success in all facets of fitness.